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Petrolia & Enniskillen Ag. Society

The Enniskillen Agricultural Society was the original society that organized in 1876. It centered its
operations around Petrolia, a small community located in the heart of Enniskillen Township. By 1888,
the Society had acquired 3 1⁄2 acres of land in the Town limits, erected buildings and were conducting an
annual fall fair. The site was designated as agricultural grounds.
Today, it is known as the Petrolia & Enniskillen Agricultural Society. Greenwood Park and Morrison Field
continues to be owned by the Agricultural Society. The Society has an agreement with the Town of
Petrolia whom makes use of the grounds for soccer, softball and baseball on a yearly basis. The Town
helps the Agricultural Society with the grounds upkeep. The Agricultural Society grounds also features
the Petrolia Lions Hall and Pavillion with whom they also have an agreement with.

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